Makerere University acknowledges that funds received from SIDA under the bilateral Research Cooperation enable Ugandan public universities to conduct impactful research, research capacity strengthening, institutional advancement, generate knowledge and promote research uptake for regional development, which is partly supported as part of the EDCTP programme supported by the European Union.

313 -2014 Project title: Strengthening Social Science Research for National Development

This research training partnership proposal is for Sida IV support submitted by the School of Social Sciences in collaboration with the School of Gender in Makerere University, and the Faculty of Social Sciences and the School of Business, Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

316-2014 Project title: Capacity Building in Mathematics and Its Applications

The overall goal of the sub-programme in mathematics is to help develop and strengthen the capacity for graduate education and research in the mathematics departments at Makerere University and partner public universities in Uganda.

The expected outcomes are well-prepared graduates, who can contribute both within and outside the universities, by augmenting the quantity and quality of research activities conducted in the departments.

317-2014 Project title: Building Research Capacity in Innovative Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) for Sustainable Socio-economic Growth in Uganda

Currently there is wide penetration and adoption of ICT in Uganda in various sectors including education and health. However, the shortage of skills in software engineering, digital innovation and entrepreneurship is hindering the potential of sustainable ICTs for social and economic development.

321-2014 Project title: Training for sustainable spatially enabled e-services delivery in Uganda

The project aim is to build Makerere University’s capacity to provide quality PhD training and research in the field of Geo-Informatics for E-Services (GES) so as to meet national labour and market requirements, and offer support for a sustainable spatially enabled e-Government in Uganda.  The project will train 5 PhDs (4 local and 1 sandwich) with 2 PhD students for PPUs and 2 masters students at Makerere. The project will also review one PhD programme and develop one Master’s degree programme.

331-2014 Project title: Partnership for Building Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods to Climate Change and Disaster Risks - BREAD

The gist of the Partnership for Building Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods to Climate Change and Disaster Risks (BREAD) project is to build capacity at Makerere University and Gulu Universities in the fields of resilience, disaster risk management under variable and changing climate. The project will train 3 PhD (2 local and 1 sandwich) with 1 student from other PPU, 2 postdocs and 2 master’s students at Makerere.

334-2014 Project title: Empowerment for research capacity in knowledge and information production and sharing for socio- economic development in Uganda

To exploit Uganda’s exceptionally rich natural resources requires well developed information and knowledge management support.

Therefore, Uganda needs to develop human capacity in knowledge production and sharing capable of contributing to poverty reduction and equitable and sustainable socio-economic development through access to and use of relevant information.

343-2014 Project Title: Innovating health systems and healthcare delivery in rural Uganda: towards building critical capacity to tackle the rising Type 2 Diabetes challenge

This project targets capacity building for chronic care through education, training at the doctoral and post-doctoral level, and research evidence generation, within an overall research framework to innovate and strengthen health systems. The project will train 2 local PhD students and 3 post-docs at Makerere University.

344-2014 Project Title: Innovations for accelerating reduction in maternal, newborn and child mortality in post conflict Uganda)

This project builds on previous research and educational collaboration between Makerere and KI, including training, research and policy influence. The project aims at enhancing Makerere University’s capacity to support young Ugandan universities to perform research and training within the area of maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH) and health systems.

346-2014 : Innovations in the Health System

346-2014 Project Title: Innovations in the health system: interventions for improved Towards better treatment of infectious diseases in children in rural Uganda; Better diagnostics and algorithms for increased quality care, rational use of medicines and minimised antimicrobial resistance.

Better diagnostics and algorithms for increased quality of care, rational use of medicines and minimized antimicrobial resistance.

362-2014 Project Title: Building Research and Training capacities to develop innovations in sustainable intensification of maize–based cropping systems for improving productivity, food security and resilience to climate change in Uganda

The proposed project focuses on developing the Ugandan research capacity to unlock the potential of sustainable intensification of maize cropping systems that increases productivity, natural resource use efficiency and ecological resilience, and reduces environmental externalities.

The project will form the backbone to identifying pathways to improve farm-level food security and productivity through the development of more resilient, profitable and sustainable maize-based cropping systems.