2391- Uganda Project Title: Enhancement of Gender Focused Research Capacity Building of Women in Leadership and Gender Mainstreaming in Higher Education in Uganda

Research Phase

Research Phase: 

The research training programme will entail supporting 5 post-doctoral research fellowships, 7 PhD fellowships and 24 Masters of Arts and Science fellowships, 35 competitive faculty grants, training staff in research supervision, enhancing staff's scholarly writing skills in the gender discipline and increasing staff’s capacity to publish.

The primary objective of the research training programme is to enhance staff’s capacity to conceptualise and execute gender focused research. The research training will be conducted through local research training in Makerere University.

One PhD fellowship will be of sandwich model between Makerere and Gottenburg Universities, but the degree award will be of Makerere University. The rules for research training will therefore be those of Makerere University. The significance of the planned research training partnership lies in the partnership amongst the 5 public Universities in Uganda and Gottenburg University in Sweden in conducting training in gender focused research in both the Social and the Physical Sciences.