374-2014 Project title: Information Support for Quality Higher Education and Research in Uganda

Research Phase

Research Phase: 

This project proposes to provide cross-cutting higher education and research information support to all the academic programmes within and outside Makerere University, addressing the factors affecting access to library and information resources, facilities and services.

The primary objective of the project is ‘to increase access to library and information services for higher education, research and innovations in Uganda by 2020.

The proposal focuses on five components, namely:

  1. Enrichment of electronic information resources to support teaching, learning and research, 
  2. Strengthening library ICTs for increased access,
  3. Information and digital Literacy for life-long skills,
  4. Capacity building of librarians through graduate training and research, and
  5. Digitization for increased access and preservation of research output.

The project will train 4 PhD students locally including 1 from PPUs and 2 Masters Students. This project will enable the supportive environment for enhanced information access and management, training librarians to address the needs of library users/researchers, improve service delivery and digitize research output for increased access and visibility.